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Editing Services



Copy editing


I offer three types of editing, including:

Content editing (also known as developmental or substantive editing), as the name implies, involves a more extensive review of a piece's content. I will check your work for consistency, flow, and organization. I will help ensure that your work accomplishes its goals and serves as a holistic, well-developed piece of writing. I may make suggestions for improvement, including adding, removing, or re-organizing content. Rates start at $8/page (a page being 250 words).

Copy editing focuses more on the "nitty-gritty" aspects of a piece of writing, including grammar, syntax, sentence structure, word choice, verb tense, etc. I will check these components of your work, as well as making minor organizational modifications or suggestions if needed. If required, I will also create an individualized style sheet for your manuscript with the preferred spelling of certain words, proper names, etc. to be passed onto the proofreader. Rates start at $5/page.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, taking place after a piece of work has been reviewed by a content and copy editor. Proofreading is the quality-control phase that involves checking for any remaining typos or grammatical issues. Rates start at $3/page.

English not your first language? Not to worry! I have substantial experience editing translated texts or written work by non-native English speakers. I can help make any piece flow well and sound natural.

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